CCT - Cyclic Chambers

Cyclic Chambers are used for cyclic corrosion testing throughout the automotive, aerospace, coating, electronics, fasteners, and paints industries!

Whether you have been conducting cyclic corrosion testing for years or are new to it, you will find Cyclic Corrosion Chambers by the Singleton Corporation reliable, easy to use and operate. They are built to provide the accuracy and flexibility necessary to meet today's stringent test methods.

  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Up to 16 pre-programmed tests.
  • Color touch screen controls.
  • 8 User-Defined Profiles with up to 20 steps and 12 environmental conditions are included to create your own tests.
  • 50 gallon solution reservoir with see-through removable cover.
  • On-board data logging and trending.
  • Precise testing at economical pricing.
  • RH Select Humidity Control between 30-100%.
  • Testing and Certifications on all instrumentation to NIST standards prior to shipment.

All of our Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers have the necessary test specifications pre-programmed in the control system. Test specifications include; the SAE J 2334, ASTM G85 Annex 5, GM 9540P, GMW 14872, ASTM B117, and ASTM D1735. There is room for more, 16 in total, if you can provide the relevant specifications we can pre-program it for you.

Data Logging

Test data is stored locally on an internal Secure Digital (SD) card. The data can be transferred to a computer for further analysis by either copying it from the SD memory card or using FTP to transfer over the local network.

RH Select Humidity Control (patent#5824918)

Permits selectable/programmable humidity exposure conditions from 30-100% (except as limited by extreme ambient temperature conditions). Controlled and displayed at the touch screen operator interface. Required to perform ASTM G85 Annex 5, GM 9540 P, GMW 14872, and SAE J 2334. The RH Select Humidity Control includes the Humidity Sensor Shielding System. This system provides precise testings and readings for more aggressive environments.

Additional Environmental Testing Chambers that we carry:

  • SCCH - Salt Fog Chamber.
    Sizes are available ranging from 9.3 cubic feet to 2,508 cubic feet.
  • DUST - Dust Chambers
    Meeting all requirements for the SAE J 575 and GM 9103 P test specifications. 
  • WITT - Water Immersion Testing Systems.
    Meeting all requirements for the ASTM D870 test specifications.


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